The Center for the Arts as Systemic Change builds partnerships between artists and organizations to improve education, health care and poverty. Utilizing the immense history of the arts and design thinking, the Center is able to challenge conventional approaches to problem solving. By breaking the status quo, the Center employs collaboration in order to create sustainable and meaningful solutions for today’s most pertinent and complex problems.


The Center’s commitment to pursuing interdisciplinary collaborations to develop an understanding of the practical engagement of how the arts can be incorporated into political and business structures to affect change creates an opportunity for a “pedagogical ideation incubator.” Employing arts activism as a front-line mode of teaching creates spaces to discover innovative forms of creative practice, while challenging existing conventions of research, cultural views and public/private policy.


Through exploring new research directions of systemic change in the arts, design, technology and sciences, and building bridges between business, education, health and political communities, the Center presents unique opportunities to lead the conversation between commerce and the arts locally, nationally and abroad.


Through the application, development and refinement of an empathetic critical artistic practice, the Center works to bridge the gaps between fluid, mobile and culturally diverse audiences with differing expectations, needs and desires. This approach of using art in a utilitarian and a politicizing sense fosters a more expansive notion of creative problem solving. At its very core, the Center works to empower people with knowledge and help them make informed personal choices for themselves, their families and society at large.

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