Travis Vermilye

Assistant Professor, Digital Design Area
Department of Visual Arts, College of Arts & Media

Focusing on Visual Health Communication, specifically in the area of patient education and public health education, Travis creates 3D animated short films, and digital works of art designed to evoke deep thought and self reflection about human health and quality of life. At the University, Travis teaches courses such as Anatomy for the Artist, 3D Motion Design and Biomedical 3D Animation.

Contact: | (303) 315-1503 |

Bryan Wee

Associate Professor
Department of Geography & Environmental Sciences, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Bryan’s primary research is the study of children’s geographies across cultures to promote equity in environmental and science education. Related research includes visual methodologies and environmental literacy. He teaches courses in human-environment interactions, travel study, philosophy of science and education.

Contact: | (303) 556-6039

Michelle Carpenter

Associate Professor, Digital Design Area
Department of Visual Arts, College of Arts & Media

Michelle has produced, directed and edited award winning experimental and documentary pieces. Her video pieces have screened in numerous international and national film festivals and art galleries. Michelle’s creative research consists of two distinct styles of art making: traditional narrative video and experimental video documentary. The content of her work is driven by and created in response to primary experiences in her life.

Contact: | (303) 315-1505 |

Howard Cook

Assistant Professor C/T
Digital Animation Center
Department of Visual Arts, College of Arts & Media

Howard is an award wining painter, illustrator, designer and filmmaker. With an MFA in digital cinema, Howard led the Digital Animation Center for 13 years. Previously, he was the CTO and manager of Digital Experiences and Media at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Howard was also a Creative Director at LucasFilms during the first Star Wars films.

Contact: | (303) 315-1504

Storm Gloor

Associate Professor
Department of Music and Entertainment Industry Studies, College of Arts & Media

Storm has worked in the music industry for fourteen years. He is currently vice president of the Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association (MEIEA) and a member of the Denver Music Task Force. He has presented instructional sessions at the education-focused portion of South By Southwest, South By Southwest Music, the Denver Music Summit, the Underground Music Showcase and various MEIEA conferences. He has also conducted full music business seminars for musicians in Las Vegas, Seattle, Scottsdale, Anchorage and other cities.

Contact: | (303) 556-2795