Through examining current issues and projects including project/placed-based education, urban renewal, social services, personal health and public space the CASC positions itself to offer unique and needed certificates and workshops. Ones that exemplify and disseminate methods of how to artistically have a more direct impact on the complex political, ecological, economic, and social problems of our world to a broad and diverse constituency construed of business and political interests, community leaders and organizers, educators, students and other proponents of systemic change.


 The CASC offers unique certificates and workshops that exemplify and disseminate methods of ideation, collaboration, cultural mapping, civic engagement and empathetic practices for a range of needs to a broad and diverse constituency including students, teachers, educators, civic, community and business leaders.


Through its partnership with INDEX Design to Improve Life, a Danish non profit, the CASC offers Design Challenges: a year-long school competition that gives students and teachers the tools for working with innovation in structured and focused environments. The unique aspect of the Challenge is that many different skill sets are invited to participate and that the emphasis is on cross-disciplinary cooperation.


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CASC presents a unique opportunity to lead the conversation between commerce and the arts locally, nationally and abroad. See some of the work that CASC and CU Denver students have been involved in.

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CU Denver students helping nonprofits

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Through a Behavior Design course (Design Studio 3), CU Denver students have the chance to work with local nonprofits to help them redevelop their websites and collateral materials, work on…

Student film looks at what an arts education means today

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A documentary film project — created by several students and a professor from the Film and Television program — follows the lives of three students enrolled in CU Denver’s College…

Music studio for homeless youth

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In 2012, a CU Denver music instructor and student resurrected a makeshift music studio at Urban Peak, a Denver shelter for youth experiencing homelessness. Owen Kortz, an instructor in the…