Through its specialization in creating professional creative inter- and trans- disciplinary solutions to a diverse variety of stakeholders — including social entrepreneurs, scientists, and medical and educational professionals — the Center positions itself to assist a wide range of business, government and civil society entities. Focusing on the transformative power of the arts to create integrated and flexible solutions, the Center provides an array of services.

  • creating audio archives to serve as aural documentation of need and change;
  • creating effective branding campaigns to increase message awareness and donations;
  • developing presentations that convey company community engagement and legacies;
  • collaborating with local, national and international non-for-profit entities to create conference materials and marketing collateral;
  • providing evocative and accurate health information via animated modular videos, interactive media and gaming that is pedagogically based; and
  • creating documentary film and motion video productions to communicate and disseminate complicated messages to large audiences.

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