EPIC2016 Conference

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The EPIC2016 theme pathmaking emphasizes the power of ethnography in academia and business to create transformative innovation, growth and strategic success for companies, industries and communities. The conference will highlight the essential role that a deep understanding of human societies and their cultures plays to guide organizations through the difficult, real-world complexities and challenges businesses face today.

The program committee invites submissions of proposals for Papers, Case Studies, PechaKucha presentations and Tutorials that embody the spirit of pathmaking between academia and business (Salons will be part of the EPIC2016 program, but organized by invitation only). Contributions should draw on theoretical advances in social science research (or other ethnography-informed disciplines), coupled with applied best practices from professional fields, to strike new directions for creating knowledge, insights, techniques or applications. Contributors should either be able to show how their ethnographic work profited from engaging with industry, or how methods in their ethnographic toolkit opened new opportunities for businesses, industries, customers or communities, in areas such as:

  • New product/service development
  • Innovation
  • Design
  • Corporate strategy or organizational change
  • User experience
  • Marketing, advertising, communication

Contributions are encouraged from any of the variety of fields that create/apply ethnography, including: the social sciences (anthropology, sociology, economics, linguistics, psychology etc) & humanities, business strategy, marketing, product management, design, UX/usability, AGILE/Lean, HCI/CSCW, informatics, communications, policy, education, government, defense, international development, data science, leadership, organizational design, change management, technology, software engineering, healthcare and more.


  • Proposal submission deadline – February 19, 2016
  • Acceptance notification – April 23, 2016
  • Full draft submission – June 4, 2016
  • Final submission (for publication) – August 15, 2016

See conference website for full details.

International Conference on Design Creativity

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Design Creativity is an important and interesting topic of study in design. Since it involves the profound and essential nature of design, design creativity is expected to be a key in not only addressing the social problems that we are facing, but also producing an innate appreciation for beauty and happiness in our minds. In order to elucidate the nature of design creativity, the following issues are being studied: cognitive processes underlying design creativity, computational models of design creativity, and practical processes to incorporate the human and social dimensions.

ICDC is an official conference promoted by the Design Creativity Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Design Society. The SIG was established in 2007. Its focus includes engineering design, industrial design, artificial intelligence, linguistics, and cognitive science.

The topics and themes of the conference include, but are not limited to:
• Collaborative creative design
• Cognition in creative design
• Creative design processes and methods
• Creative design styles and cultures
• Design creativity support tools
• Cultural aspects of creativity and innovation
• Measuring creativity and its impact
• Social dimensions of creative design
• Teaching creativity and innovation
• Bioinspired design
• Creative processes in design

See conference website for full details.

Meaningful Technology and Design Conference

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New technologies are paving new paths for design practices: fast developments in robotics integrated in connected devices, and in sensor technology embedded in devices related to our environment and our body; 3D printing that leads to the next industrial revolution by democratizing the role of designers and manufacturers; increasing influence of the internet on people-people, people-product and product-product communication, on our purchasing behaviour, on controlling intelligent systems, etc. We experience all these technology developments in our daily life. For society it seems such a relevant and beneficial issue that a substantial part of our research budgets in industry and academia are spent on technology progress both national and international.

But whatever innovation in technology will follow (and there always will be), the issue is to create meaningful experiences for people. Technology is just a means to an end.  It is what we do with the technology that is important. So, do we have control over the wanted and unwanted by-products of technological processes? Are we aware of users’ experiences with technology?

Designers should be at the front end of this technology transition so they can humanize it. In fact, real value comes from putting human values in the centre of designing products, services and environments. The more technology reduces frontiers between materials, the fuzzier the properties become. Traditional materials, such as concrete, steel and glass, are being pushed to rival each other. But whatever innovation in technology will follow, the key issue will be how to create meaningful experiences for users.

The aim of MTD2017 is to present recent advances in research and development  on the wide and challenging field that merges design and technology.

Conference Themes

– Meaningful technologies
– Meaningful design experiences
– The use of new materials
– The meaning of materials in design
– Computer and experimental methods
– Sustainability contribution by technology
– The borderline between design and technology
– Acceptability of technology by various target groups
– Teaching meaningful technology in design courses
– The role of materials and materials processing in product design
– The history of the relationship between designer and engineers

See conference website for full details.