Creative Solutions With Financial and Educational Returns

CAM Productions is a media studio, affiliated with CU Denver, staffed by recent CAM graduates and summer interns, and guided by CAM professors. We produce creative solutions with educational and financial returns because the most potent creativity is applied with the principles of professional practice.

By leveraging our state of the art equipment and the largest concentration of creative talent in the Denver metro area, we offer professional creative solutions in a diverse array of disciplines including animation, user experience design, web design, behavioral design, graphic design, motion design, audio production and design, and video production.

Working to serve as a hub for Denver’s creative community, the CASC and CAM Productions work to strengthen the connective tissue between the academic curriculum of CAM and professional practice by providing CAM students the opportunity to turn their homework into professional work and learning, first-hand, the principles of professional practice all while building valuable connections in the Denver community.

See some of the work that CU Denver CAM students have been involved in.

Music Box Rebrand: Miles Davis

Data Visualization: E-Motion

Short Doc (AMC Collaboration): Doctor Patient Bond

Time Travel: Lumotech Teledarter

Public Service Announcements: Plastic Pollution

Proof of Concept (BFA Thesis): VeloWatch

Open Media Project