CU Denver students helping nonprofits

By March 3, 2016CU Involved

Through a Behavior Design course (Design Studio 3), CU Denver students have the chance to work with local nonprofits to help them redevelop their websites and collateral materials, work on branding, and/or strengthen their social media presence. The arrangement is mutually beneficial for students and nonprofits — the students have an opportunity for experiential learning while the nonprofits receive high quality, pro bono design work. The rewarding partnerships forged between Denver students and local nonprofits even led to coverage in the local 5280 Magazine!

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 11.47.44 AMThe course studies behavioral design nudges and explores how design can be used to influence and change behavior. A nudge is an attempt to influence people’s choices and behavior in a predictable way without limiting their options or significantly changing their incentives.

Most recently, teams of students worked with the Breckenridge Film Festival and the W.O.L.F. Sanctuary. The image on the left is a screenshot of Breckenridge Film Festival’s website make over. Each year the class engages a handful of nonprofits and provides about $15,000 worth of professional services at no cost to the organization. For more information, contact Professor Michelle Carpenter.