Student film looks at what an arts education means today

By March 1, 2016CU Involved

A documentary film project — created by several students and a professor from the Film and Television program — follows the lives of three students enrolled in CU Denver’s College of Arts & Media. Their film, “The Creative Method,” was screened by Rocky Mountain PBS and the Sun and Sand Music and Film Festival. The documentary also won two awards: the Spotlight Documentary Film Award and the CU Denver Research and Creative Symposium’s Outstanding Scholarly Activity.

Creative MethodIn 2008, America suffered an economic disaster that lead to what is called “the Great Recession”. Unemployment rates soared and the nation teetered on the edge of depression while both new and veteran workers struggled to make ends meet. As a result of these uncertain times, many students began to shy away from the arts in favor of careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. This, combined with the 31% decrease in funding for the arts, led to the creation of “The Creative Mind,” which attempts to reignite America’s interest in arts education and shed light on the crisis of dwindling arts education.

“The Creative Method” follows the lives of CU Denver College of Arts & Media students as they pursue an education in different artistic disciplines — film, painting, and recording arts. They share their experiences as artists both on and off campus in their final spring semester before graduation. The film highlights the students’ personal artistic philosophy and delves into the importance of art in higher education as a whole. Click here to watch the trailer and here to watch the full film (~27 min).

The film was created by Jessica McGaugh, a professor in CAM’s Film and Television program, and the following students: Jennie Tran, Hanna Reeves, Justin Mickens, Taylor Dew, Zach Wyman, Steven Allmendinger, Matt Telsey, Nick Luster, Jack Roberts, Ryan Ferlic, Lahne Annandale, and Chris Sandoval.