Music studio for homeless youth

By March 1, 2016CU Involved

Urban Peak StudioIn 2012, a CU Denver music instructor and student resurrected a makeshift music studio at Urban Peak, a Denver shelter for youth experiencing homelessness. Owen Kortz, an instructor in the Singer/Songwriter Program, together with Owen Trujillo, a student and member of the local hip-hop group 2MX2, began recording youth rapping and singing. With a performance and recording arts background, the two secured instrument donations in 2013/2014. In late 2015, they raised $5000 through Fundly, a crowd-source fundraising site, and purchased professional recording studio equipment. They are now in the process of setting up that new equipment, which includes high-end microphones and headphones, and industry standard recording software.

Their goal is to make the studio available to youth 5 days a week. Owen Kortz and Owen Trujillo believe strongly in the cathartic and transformative power of music composition and expression, and have seen firsthand how a little time in the music studio can change the youths’ mood for the day. They are excited to finalize the new setup in the studio and to get more students and volunteers involved in working with youth on their music.

For more information, contact Owen Kortz. To hear the youths’ music, visit their SoundCloud page.